Dr. Carroccia, 8th DDS Trustee Update: TDA Annual Session May 4-6, 2018

Wow!  That was a wonderful meeting!  Dr. John Petty organized a wonderful time.

There were 475 dentists, 243 hygienists, 219 assistants in attendance to contribute to the overall attendance of 1,269.

It was nice that there was a complete booking of 49 exhibitors and that they were not pushed aside in some back area without traffic.  They were very present with booths next to the classrooms and halls.  All the vendors I spoke with were quite appreciative and had positive things to share.  All special events were sponsored.

There was a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and an After-Hours Dance Party on Friday.  Saturday had a TDA Reception for the running of the Kentucky Derby.  Comedian Henry Cho did not disappoint at the President’s Party and it was followed by a Dessert Reception.

There was an app for the meeting once again for smartphones.  We had two different podcasts here: “The Millennial Dentist” as well as “Life and Dentistry”.  The New Dentist Committee is really grabbing social media by the plug and going to town on it!       #TDASession2018   Speaking of which, our own Dr. Candice Coleman will be replacing Dr. Emily Boyd on that committee.  She’ll be amazing, as always!

We had no Fellowship Awardee or 50 Year Dentists from our district honored there.  Dr. Fred Heros of Memphis was the Jack Wells Award winner.  There were no Foreign or Domestic Service Awards given this year TDA wide, instead, those who served stood for a round of applause.


Dr. Roy Thompson, our ADA Region 6 Trustee, spoke about ADA membership being flat which affects money coming in to accomplish goals.  He warned us of a Medicare plan that may try to come about due to a poorly constructed survey.

ADA President, Dr. Joseph Crowley spoke about the ADA Credentialing service page online, CAQH style and that many insurers, etc. are beginning to turn there first.  He praised Find-A-Dentist and encouraged profile updates.  We are all encouraged to complete those sites.  There are discussions of a program called Mortar to help sell dental practices.  All that the ADA does to represent us nationally is quite overwhelming and impressive.

The motion to reduce the House of Delegates by 50% FAILED to pass.

The motion to merge Scientific Affairs and Annual Session was SENT BACK to the Board of Trustees.

The motion to extend regional Vice Presidents to two years and alternate rotations was PASSED.

The motion to outline the path for active members to reduce fees due to hardship must come through the local Trustee and be presented to the Board of Trustees PASSED.

The motion to raise dues was ruled out of order and subsequently WITHDRAWN.



On another note… there was a moment that I was sitting at the HOD with the delegates: Dr. Stanislav, an amazing past TDA President, and our present/future leaders in Drs. Kennedy, Boyd and Dye and I felt very proud to be there and humbled as I feel like all three of them will go on to do great things as I just hold the place in this moment in time.  It was inspiring to look down our table and see them all.




Dr. Steven Nowlin is the new Trustee from the Sixth District.

Dr. Heath Blockley is the new VP from the East.  His term is one year.

Dr. Jay Davis is the new VP from the Middle.  He has a two year term.

Dr. David Magee is the new NP from the West.  He has the other two year term.

Dr. Terryl Propper is the new President Elect.

Dr. Paul Cullum of Columbia is our new President as Dr. Richard Dycus becomes the Immediate Past President.

With Dr. Propper ascending from being the Trustee from Nashville Dental Society, it is unknown at this moment as to whom will fill that current vacancy.  I had hoped to hear from her or Dr. Jeff Yost, President of NDS, but no name was ready to be solidified at this time.


The TDA seeks to make its website more patient friendly.  Be on the lookout for it!


Seeks to separate to form a 501c3 apart from the TDA.  This will decrease our liability and enable them to earn more grants.  It is a darling of the BOD and an example nationwide.


1)      Beginning 1 January 2019, all CE for all dental providers will need to be reported to CEBrokers.  They have the state contract for reporting on optometry, dentistry, chiropractic, and EMS.  TDA has a deal to not incur a fee and keep it a member benefit.  Our RDAs and RDHs are not so lucky.  Several purchase points are available for them to report their CE.

2)      The Opioid Bill is done.  We have a 3 day 180 MME limit with no checking the database or ICD codes or counselling women in child bearing years. There must be 90 days between prescribing opioids to a patient without doing all the things that were avoided, otherwise those things must occur.  This law will begin on 1 July 2018.  Failure to comply will be a misdemeanor violation and could be held against you and your license.

3)      Opioid scripting is down 33% but benzodiazepine scripting is up 115%.  Be judicious!

4)      On the Sedation, Anesthesia and Scope of Practice Committee, Dr. Kevin Kennedy and I got to see the upcoming proposal for Facility Permit from the Board of Dentistry.  Nothing is yet known about who and when or how much.  I can share that they are looking at inspecting every facility that provides sedation every five years.  This is in addition to the dentist’s sedation permit.  More to come as I have it to share.


The TDA has gotten ahead of the likely ruling that our facilities will be required to have them in the near future.  Phillips AEDs can be bought from www.onebeatcpr.com for $795.  Thanks to the TDA for getting us such a great rate.


No Mother’s Day weekends or graduations to content with, so no excuses as it’s just an hour away (Nashville traffic pending)


Dr. Art Cole is retiring from practice after 32 years of serving our patients, many of them as the lone endodontist in town.  God speed and enjoy the retired life!


I have the honor to be your obedient servant,


A.      Carroccia