17 MARCH 2018: BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING Report From Dr. Carroccia


Good news: first, we had to deal with a scam about sheriff’s offices and jury duty. Sharing that
has helped our colleagues across the state. Thanks to Dr. Dye and the other doctors who
shared their stories to help prepare others for this nefarious con.
Bad news: a new scam is out there. A letter from “Medical Compliance” located in
Washington, DC (clever) is sent threatening up to $75K per violation for not being in compliance
for training. www.MedicalComplianceCertification.com is not to be trusted. The TDA makes
updated posters available for minimal costs.
Health Insurance
The TDA Insurance Agency reports that 141 offices are covering 402 lives currently on the
MEWA health insurance plan.

Expanded Functions Dental Assistants
UT has expanded from 2 courses for 25 RDAs to 3 courses for 35 RDAs. Meharry is looking into
restarting a program as well which will help relieve the 2 year wait list.
Tennessee Opioid Bill
It seems that there has been some great cooperation to our benefit. Currently being discussed
is a bill that exempts us for three day scripts and up to 180 MME and no ICD codes to enter.
Sadly, it may not be so easy for our talented oral surgeons. TDA lobbyist, Jack Fosbinder and
AGD lobbyist, Mark Greene have worked so hard on this with the medical and pharmacist
groups as well.
Antifluoridation Bill
No motion
Independent Hygiene Bill
No motion

As of this date, 304 dentists are registered and overall 700 persons. There are approximately
80 rooms left. All the exhibitor partnerships are filled. The parties and events are already
creating a buzz to the point that a larger ballroom is needed already. Don’t be that person who
misses out! Register today.
There are several things that will be up for a vote this year: reducing the House of Delegates by
nearly 50%, extending the terms of the Vice Presidents from one to two years, streamlining the
transfer of memberships from one component to another, streamlining dues waivers to include
various levels, Scientific Affairs absorbing the annual meeting responsibilities and a dues
increase. If anyone wishes to further discuss, please reach out to me directly.
Waivers of dues must come through the Trustee to take to the TDA Board.
If you are on a council or committee, please attend your meetings and/or teleconferences.
If you have an interest in serving on councils or committees, please let the Trustee know.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
Anthony Carroccia