27 January 2018; Board of Trustees Meeting

Lots going on at this brisk and busy meeting.


Registration deadline is 14 March to save money!

In addition to the CE, there is also:  a full exhibit floor, Awards Lunch, Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, After Hours Dance Party, Kentucky Derby Party, and comedian Henry Cho at the TDA President’s Party.

This meeting is in Franklin, TN so the drive is only about an hour and hotels more affordable than Nashville.


All positions are filled and thank you to all who serve or continue to serve.


There continues to be a shortage of time and space at Same Day Surgery Centers or hospitals to see children dental patients.  Part of the reason is the low reimbursement rates from insurers vs. costs for facilities and anesthesiologists, even for TennCare patients who are qualified.


There has been progress.  More RDAs are being taught than ever with increased size and addition of another course.  Discussions are in place to teach RDHs to help teach later classes.  Meharry Medical College may begin to offer a course as well taught by UT.  There is some discussion about someone else offering the course there to help allay the travel and expense of packing up and teaching there.  There is discussion about establishing a bona fide waiting list to help alleviate the multiple applications as currently it is projected that the wait may be until 2021 and these steps will help to alleviate that.


This committee continues to be a point of pride at the Board of Dentistry.  There is discussion about separating it from the TDA which should help them increase their grants.


Part D Medicare opt in/ opt out seems like dentistry will be exempt.  If you opted in, you are in for the next two years.

Make sure to sign up for Find-a-Dentist at www.ADA.org 

CVS’s will have kiosks soon to do many things include Find a Dentist.

Some preliminary discussions about Medicare/Medicaid offering a dental plan have begun.


Inspections are happening.  You may not refuse a random inspection, ask them to come back later or give them a lawyer’s card telling them to contact that person.  If it is a specific complaint driven inspection, you may do those things.

Some key points to keep in mind:

Infection Control Plans and Work Exposure Control Plans must be current and known by all of the team.

Employee health records to include immunizations.

Safety Data Sheets are up to date and any employee can access and them.

Sharps are to be discarded of at point of use.

Use the heavy duty gloves for injury prevention.

Affix a biohazard label to transport trays.


Kathy Hall of Nashville is now President and seems to play things by the book but with an empathetic heart.

There is supposed to be a jurisprudence no-fail online exam that dentists, hygienists and assistants need to take when renewing their licenses.  Be aware of this and make your teams aware as well.  That being said, there has been a glitch in the system.  You may need to contact the BOD for a code if it has not yet been repaired.  615-532-5073

There seems to be a push for all licensees to use a national CE clearing house.  There is a contract the BOD has that will take effect next month but reporting to them may be required next year.  It is unknown at this time if reporting to the TDA will be enough to satisfy the requirement but the TDA will work hard to potentially make it happen.  The other side of this is that the BOD would be able to generate a report which would immediately select out those providers that did not meet the CE requirement for audit and likely fine.

Finally, from 32 pages of bills,


HB667: Pediatrician having RDHs work in their office NOTE: seems destined to die a quiet death due to dentists and physicians not being interesting in supporting it

HB25: Taxes Business to reduce to eliminate the professional tax NOTE: this bill repeats under several other numbers like HB41, HB1034, HB13, etc.

HB1831: Changes to Prescribing Opioids NOTE: we may have to check the database for every narcotic script we write

HB1745: Study on Implementation of Teledentistry NOTE: may lead to RDHs teaching EFDAs at UT

HB1845: RDH independent practice NOTE: not with TDHA blessing, submitted out of goodwill by a politician whose friends are RDHs and losing jobs due to a dentist retiring.  Not expected to move.

Please feel free to ask if there is a specific bill that you wish to further know about or discuss.  These that were selected have been or can be the more interesting ones that were spotlighted by our TDA lobbyist.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

Anthony Carroccia