16 September 2017:  Board of Trustees Meeting


1.     EFDA education: We have over 500 vs. a comparable state in MO that has over 6,000.  We are expecting UT-Memphis to increase from 40 to 120 students per year.  There have been discussions on having most of the program on line and over a long weekend, completing the participation part.  A major hurdle is that courses must be at ADA school or specialty program that is in our law whereas other states do not have such requirements.  The BOT has decided to try to have a sit down with BOD and UT to help alleviate the problems.  UT Acting Dean Covington is more than willing to meet us more than half way on this.


2.     Health Insurance: TDA has rolled out a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement for dental practices.  There are ways to enroll just yourself or any number of employees you wish to extend into the program.   Contact the TDA Insurance Company to speak with them about your needs.  These plans are only available to TDA member dentists and those they wish to include.  


3.     Legislative:

a)     Fluoride water districts are allowed to self-regulate their districts much to the dismay of the anti-fluoride persons. 

b)    The repeal of the professional tax stalled.  It is still sough t as there is a surplus. 

c)     The hygiene bill is still out there, having cleared committee and can be voted at any time AND amended to full independent practice as well.  TDA is opposed and we are asking the TN-AMA and Pediatrics groups/ lobbyists to join us in opposition.

d)    Jurisprudence test is coming, likely next year as part of renewing licenses.

e)     At July BOD meeting, Daymar was denied their dental assisting program under the new rules due to missing forms.  Will be reconsidered in October.

f)      Opioid legislation is coming.


4.     Governance:

a.     Reduction of HOD by about 50%.  Pending House Of Delegates bylaw change.

b.     There is now a separation of the HOD from the Annual Session at the conclusion of May 2018 Annual Meeting.

c.      Grand Division Vice Presidents will be extended from one year term to two years term.  Pending HOD approval.  With a staggering of VPs so that everyone is not replaced at the same time. 


5.     TDA: 

a.     New website, old address redirects therewww.tndentalassociation.com

b.     Dr. David Sain for Wellness

c.      Amy Williams: Office Manager, Board of Trustees, Strategic Planning, Annual Session

d.     Brittany Hall: Communications Coordinator- Journal, Newsletter, website, phone app

e.     Shirley Fleener: Annual Sessions, Government Affairs, TN-D-PAC

f.       Katie Voorhis: Accountant

g.     Johnsie Holloway: Peer Review, Membership Director



6.     Other:

a.     We have disbursed some funds to help the relief of TX and FL after their hurricanes.  This is consistent with the history of the TDA.

b.     Some exhibitors have spread a falsehood that there are no more Annual Meetings.  This is not true.  I’d be happy to discuss with anyone who needs more clarification.

c.      TDA Journal, coming soon, has a great editorial on governmental regulations.  Make sure you read it.


I have the honor to be your obedient servant,


Anthony Carroccia