Update from Dr. Tony Carroccia

Board Report Highlights- January 2017

I have decided to make updates available to all as not everyone can attend the 8 th District

Dental Society meetings… though you should!

Attendance is not a requirement to information, per our Executive Committee.


TDA reports our district as 83 members strong.

There will be an installment plan for paying dues, which can finally be paid by card now!

We have some great doctors receiving awards at the Annual Meeting in Gatlinburg this year.

Please come and support them and the TDA. If nothing else, see how the area has risen up

from the devastation. You know you’re curious, so come and write it off!

Tenn-D- Pac continues to grow. Continue to be generous.

Our Wellness Committee has a 90% success rate and is being copied by other states.


There is a potential challenge to sedation permit holders on inspections. The TDA is working

hard to belay the potential threat. More to come as this develops.

A jurisprudence exam is coming likely next year.

Dental Therapist bill may/not show up this year. Not expected to do well if it does.

Professional business tax may disappear!

There is an idea of allowing RDHs under the supervision of a pediatric dentist to do fluorides

and sealants in pediatricians’ office. Not well supported on either side, medical or dental.

Surveys Results!

More surveys will be coming as we delve into where we are and where we wish to go. Please

continue to participate so your voice can be heard.

The Membership survey shows that our demographic is aging as over 80% have been members

11+ years. However, 85% rate membership as fair or better. 61% wish to be contacted by

email and 25% by newsletters.

Governance survey shows that about 80% approve of the representation but only 60%

understand the process as about 80% are satisfied or better about the component boundaries.

25% want to be involved in leadership while 40% have served as a delegate.

The Annual Meeting survey revealed that the majority of us go to the meeting for CE. It also

confirmed that 88% of attendees are over 40 years old. May or April were the preferred

months (but not on Mother’s Day weekend). Nashville and rotations were nearly tied for

location and most of us want to go to the beach for a destination meeting.


1557: Cyracom was endorsed by ADA for translation services just this month. They are

reducing their rate from $1.89 to $0.81/ minute. TDA is looking at other services as well before

endorsing. Don’t forget to update your paperwork and websites if you haven’t already! Some

have you have asked me about this and we now have an answer. We got a blast this week from

the ADA on this.

Amalgamators: legislation on hold but expected to proceed. Health Choice and SolmeteX have

been named as good choices. Keep an eye out for changes in deadlines as suppliers may be

over zealous.

Mike Dvorak is doing quite well as our new Executive Director as he continues to push the TDA

in a very positive direction. More great things are coming like newer technology, etc.

Please come to the Executive Committee or myself with your questions or concerns.