Our Board of Trustees

2017 Board of Trustees

Executive Director: Michael Dvorak

President: Dr. Richard W. Dycus
President-Elect: Dr. Paul E. Cullum
Secretary: Dr. K. Jean Beauchamp
Treasurer: Dr. James Avery
Immediate Past President: Dr. James R. Hight Jr.
Speaker House of Delegates: Dr. George "Chip" Clayton
Vice President: East Tennessee: Dr. Rachel Hymes
Vice President: Middle Tennessee: Dr. Chad Edwards
Vice President: West Tennessee: Dr. Dan Meadows
TDA Journal Editor: Dr. H. Clifton Simmons III



First District: Dr. J. Allen Burleson
Second District: Dr. Susan Orwick-Barnes
Chattanooga Area Dental Society: Dr. J. Wayne Newman
Fourth District: Dr. J. Patrick "Rick" Kinard
Nashville Dental Society: Dr. Terryl A. Propper
Sixth District: Dr. Dennis R. Gardner
Seventh District: Dr. Robert "Trey" Carney III
Eighth District: Dr. Anthony S. Carroccia
Memphis Dental Society: Dr. Thomas C. Patterson

Other Members Roles

Council for Dental Benefits Programs: Dr. Jason Lilly 

Council on Scientific Affairs and Continuing Education: Dr. Jennifer Cornell

Council on State Agencies, Awards, Ethics and Judicial Affairs: Dr. David Bailey 

Peer Review Committee: Dr. Leon Stanislav 

Public Relations Committee: Dr. Kristi Dye

Committee for Anesthesia, Sedation, and Scope of Practice: Dr. Anthony Carroccia and Dr. Kevin Kennedy

New Dentist Committee: Dr. Emily Boyd 

ADA Alternate Delegate: Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp 

 Council on Membership, Communications and Relief: Dr. Tim Carter 

 Committee on the Environment and Infection Control: Dr. Joe Britton

 Wellness Committee: Dr. Ed Weakley

 Chair on the Tenn-D-Pac Board: Dr. Dale Blevins

 Middle Tennessee At Large Member: Dr. Leon Stanislav 

Oral Health Initiatives Committee: Dr. Tom Faerber